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Welcome to beautiful DeGray Lake nestled in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains! Located adjacent to the National Scenic 7 Byway, just north of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, lies a sparkling treasure of the Vicksburg District. Spanning 208 miles of shoreline and 13,800 acres, DeGray Lake offers a myriad of recreational opportunities.

Completed in 1972, this earthen dam backs up the waters of the Caddo River some 27 miles creating DeGray Lake.  The history of the Caddo River goes back hundreds of years to the first settlers in the area – the Caddo Indians.

Aerial photo of Degray LakeAlthough recreation plays a major role in every day activity, hydropower makes this lake one of the most efficient and energy producing projects in the South.  DeGray Lake holds the distinction as the first “pump back capable” impoundment in the history of the Corps of Engineers. A re-regulation dam forms a 400-acre impoundment directly below the main lake that serves as a storage basin for pump back capable features. During designated times, i.e. drought, the 28,000 KW generator can be reversed pulling water out of the Lower Lake into the main lake to be utilized again for hydropower generation.  The 400-acre Lower Lake also serves as an ideal waterfowl refuge.


Aerial photo of Degray LakeWith over 13,400 acres of water surface alone, there is plenty of room to enjoy the many recreational activities DeGray Lake has to offer. We invite you to come see for yourself and explore the beauty of DeGray Lake.

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Photos by Dan Valovich


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DeGray Lake Info

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  Day Use Facilities

DeGray Lake offers a variety of day use facilities and locations throughout the project. Pavilions are located at Hwy 7, Lower Lake, Caddo Drive, and Arlie Moore. Each pavilion is unique and has beautiful views of the lake. Our pavilions are a great place to have reunions, birthday parties, or any kind of special event. Nestled in a woodland canopy, these areas offer a quiet place to relax and enjoy Mother Nature

Day use areas are popular around the lake for various social functions. Pavilions are $50 a day or first come first serve if not rented. To reserve a pavilion at any of these areas, contact us at 870-246-5501.


DeGray has 2 day use playgrounds at the Lower Lake and Hwy 7.


There are 5 designated beaches on DeGray Lake:

Hwy 7 (2 swimming areas) North Beach South Beach
Arlie Moore
Caddo Drive
Shouse Ford


  • Swimming is allowed within the designated swimming beaches inside of the buoy line area. The cost of using the designated swimming beaches is $5 per vehicle. America the Beautiful card holders can use the areas free of charge.
  • Swim at own risk, there is no life guard on duty at any of the swimming beaches.
  • Depth markers indicate the depth of the water throughout the designated swimming areas.
  • Rescue devices (Reach Poles and Throw Bags) have been placed at our swimming beaches and should only be used in the case of an emergency.
  • Please follow the posted rules and regulations of the swimming beach: Alcohol is prohibited, No Pets are allowed on the beach or in the swimming area, No fires on the beach, No motor vehicles are allowed on the beach, No glass containers are allowed on the beach, and No diving in the swimming area or where posted.

Boat Ramps

There are 11 boat ramps on DeGray Lake. These include:

  • Arlie Moore (2 ramps)
  • Amity Landing
  • Alpine Ridge
  • Caddo Drive
  • Iron Mountain
  • Point Cedar
  • Ozan Point
  • Shouse Ford
  • Spillway

The cost of launching at any of these ramps is $5.
* Annual Passes for launching boats are available at any Corps of Engineers Lake Field Office. The cost of an Annual Pass is $40; they are good for one year from date of purchase and they are accepted at any U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Project, Nationwide.
Click links to find information about recreation passes issued, sold, and accepted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:
Summary of Recreation Fee Discount Passes that the Corps of Engineers is authorized to issue, sell, and accept and
Changes in Age and Disability Discount Passes for Recreation Fees

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much does an annual day use pass cost?
A. Cost is $40.
Q. For what period is an annual day use pass valid?
A. The annual pass is valid for one year from date of purchase.
Q. Do age- and disability-related discounts apply on annual day use passes?
A. Holders of either an Interagency Senior or Access Pass or Golden Age or Access Passport can launch free of charge.
Q. What do I do with it after I buy it?
A. The annual pass is a hangtag which is hung from the interior rear view mirror of the vehicle. Two decals, one displaying the month and the other displaying the year of purchase, will be affixed to the hangtag upon purchase. On open vehicles or vehicles with no interior rear view mirror, the decals may be affixed directly at an alternate location, such as the left front bumper or the back of the left exterior rear view mirror, rather than to the hangtag.
Q. What if I have more than one vehicle?
A. No duplicate passes will be sold because the hangtag may be used on any vehicle the pass holder owns. A visitor may purchase more than one Annual Day Use Pass if desired.
Q. Where can I use the pass?
A. The pass is only valid at day use areas operated by the Corps of Engineers. It may not be used at areas operated by other agencies even if those areas are located on Corps-owned property.
Q. What if my pass is lost or stolen?
A. Lost or stolen Annual Day Use Passes will not be replaced at no cost unless proof of theft, such as police report or insurance document, which specifies the theft of the pass, is provided.

  Arlie Moore Interpretive Trail

The Arlie Moore Interpretive Trail is located in the Arlie Moore Recreation Area.  The trail is a double segment loop, approximately 1.3. miles (2.2 kilometers) in length.  The trail meanders through a mature southern pine forest.  In 2002, the trail was rehabilitated in large part due to a partnership grant from ALCOA.

Arlie Moore Interpretive Trail Map(pdf) 

Click here for Trailhead

In 2007 the National Recreation Reservation Service selected the Arlie Moore Interpretive Trail as one of America’s Top 25 Hiking Trails.

 Rangers give interpretive walks along the trail pointing out plants, trees, and wildlife along the way.  All throughout the year, school groups and campers walk the shaded trail and enjoy the hidden sanctuary of this secluded little trail.  Thanks to our partner ALCOA Gum Springs Plant, environmentally friendly benches are now located along the trail.

If you would like a Ranger to give an interpretive tour for your group, please contact the DeGray Lake Field Office at 870-246-5501.


DeGray Lake ranked as one of cleanest lakes in the nation consists of 13,400 acres of extremely clear water.  With numerous islands and 207 miles of mostly remote shoreline, DeGray Lake offers a boater’s paradise. 17 five lane boat ramps provide for easy access and safety.  All varieties of recreational boating are available at DeGray. Canoe and kayak boaters love the Lower Lake area and the calm coves near the Oak Bower Group Use Area and skier’s enjoy the deep water channels and wide open spaces near Arlie Moore. Whether you love have a fishing boat, party barge, house boat, canoe, or kayak, DeGray Lake is one of the best boating destinations in Arkansas.

The Corps of Engineers, DeGray Lake staff is dedicated to providing quality water based recreational experience with the safety of all our visitors held at the highest concern. 


The following safety precautions and reminders will make your boating experience safer.

  • Wear Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets (PFD’s) as they are you best defense against drowning.
  • Learn and obey the Arkansas Boating Laws. For example, all children 12 years old and younger must wear a Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) while they are passengers in a vessel that is underway. Take the Arkansas Boaters Education Course!
  • Boating and alcohol don’t mix.  Select a sober designated boat operator.
  • Don’t overload your boat.
  • Don’t stand in your boat while it is underway.
  • Watch for obstructions during low and high water.
  • Use your navigational lights and slow down when boating at night.
  • Head for shore if inclimate weather threatens.
  • Stay with your boat if it overturns.
  • Help boaters in distress and signal for assistance if you need it.
  • Follow the small craft navigation rules of the road
  • File a float plan.  Inform others of your destination, departure time and returning time.
  • Report boating accidents to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and render assistance if you are involved in or witness an accident.

Water Skiing

DeGray Lake is a skier’s paradise! Open, deep water with numerous coves provides exciting skiing opportunities. Please follow safety reminders while skiing with family and friends.

  • Always wear a personal flotation device while skiing.
  • Stay in open water.  Watch for swimmers and stay away from recreation areas and launch ramps.
  • Water skiing at night is prohibited.  Stop skiing between the hours from one-half hour after sunset and to one-half hour before sunrise.
  • Have at least two people in the boat, one to operate the boat and one to watch the skier.  Don’t rely on a rear view mirror as an observer. Check the Arkansas Boating Laws for this ruling.

          Arkansas Boating Laws 

Bouy Chart

Personal Watercraft (PWC’s)

  • Always wear a PFD.
  • Learn and obey the Arkansas Boating Laws.  A personal watercraft is considered a vessel, they are a boat too!
  • Learn the basics of jet propulsion.  PWC’s steer only when the throttle is engaged.
  • Never operate a personal watercraft after dark. PWC’s are restricted to daytime operation only.
  • Don’t jump the wake of other vessels.

Hunting Information and Restrictions

DeGray Hunting Map

Game and Fish Wildlife Management Area Information

1.  Public hunting and trapping are permitted on Corps property at DeGray Lake, except in developed recreation areas, near the dams and associated structures, and within the Lower Lake Waterfowl Refuge.  Title 36 CFR and Arkansas Game & Fish Commission hunting and fishing regulations apply.  Firearms, bows, traps, or other devices used in the taking of wildlife are not allowed at any time on the Lower Lake Waterfowl Refuge. 

2.  Permanent blinds, stands or other structures are prohibited on Corps property. The placement of nails or spikes into trees or the cutting of trees is prohibited.  

3.  Camping is allowed only within designated camping areas.  The possession of loaded firearms is prohibited within recreation areas.

4.  Posting of “No Hunting” signs, purple paint or hunting club signs on Corps property is prohibited.  The interference of public hunting on Corps property by adjacent hunting leases is prohibited; however members of the public do not have permission to access Corps property across adjacent posted private property.

5.  Taking any vehicle around gates, or driving over or around established restrictions such as dirt berms is prohibited.   The use of ATV’s on Corps property is prohibited.

6The boundary of Corps property is marked by yellow paint blazes on trees.  “No Hunting” areas are marked by three red paint spots on trees and associated signage.  Orange WMA signs indicate areas that are open to hunting activities. 


7.  Swimming, scuba diving and spear fishing are prohibited on the Lower Lake.


NOTE: All recreation areas and the Lower Lake Waterfowl Refuge are CLOSED to hunting activities.


Wildlife Management Area

With the establishment of the DeGray Lake Wildlife Management Area in 2006, the Corps and the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission entered into a partnership to better manage hunting resources of the project.  Special regulations apply to hunting activities.  Refer to the current AGFC hunting regulation handbook for further information. 

Disabled Hunting Events

Each year since 2001, DeGray Lake and the Arkansas Disabled Sportsmen Association have sponsored deer and waterfowl hunting opportunities for the mobility impaired.  Participants are selected by random drawing and must meet certain criteria for eligibility.  As stewards of public lands, the Corps of Engineers is dedicated to providing a safe, quality recreational experience for all visitors.  The Deer Hunt for Persons with Disabilities is an outstanding example of natural resource management partnering to provide an experience of a lifetime for Arkansas hunters. Contact the DeGray Lake Field Office for more information.


The DeGray Lake staff encourages all visitors to utilize safety precautions while engaged in outdoor activities.  Contact the DeGray Lake Field Office for further information at 870-246-5501 or by mail at: 729 Channel Road, Arkadelphia, AR 71923.




Day Use Fee Program

At U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recreation areas, including day use parks and boat launching ramps, a day use fee of $5.00 will be assessed from recreation users launching boats and $2.00 per person walk in/$5.00 per vehicle for beach use. In most cases, a self-deposit sealable envelope with detachable stub is used for payment of fees. After filling out the envelope, the day use visitor will detach the stub (making sure the date has been filled out) and display the stub on the interior rearview mirror of his/her vehicle. The day use pass authorizes the use of Corps of Engineers day use facilities for the date specified on the envelope and stub. The stub is invalid unless dated.

Click here for more info on Passes

If you are in search of rewarding opportunities and experiences, or if you want to give something back to your community, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at your local Corps office and let them share with you the vast array of opportunities awaiting you right in your own backyard! 

Click here to find out more about Volunteers & Partnerships

The Vicksburg District is a national leader in promoting water safety. Park rangers provide water safety education through classroom and community programs. They are most visible around the lake projects on beaches or at pavilions giving water safety demonstrations or showing visitors the correct way to wear a life jacket. Partnerships with local businesses have allowed park rangers to establish programs that promote water safety awareness such as the life jacket loaner program and flotation citations for visitors caught demonstrating good water safety practices.
The mission of the Corps of Engineers Regulatory Program is to protect the Nation’s aquatic resources, while allowing reasonable development by federal, state and local agencies, special interest groups, and private citizens through a fair and balanced permit program. The Corps’ decision-making process considers the interests of all parties and results in decisions that are fair and equitable and that allow for the reasonable use of private property, business development and economic growth. At the same time, these decisions must neutralize the impacts of proposed work in order to protect the waters of the United States.

Click here for more info on Permits



Campground addresses:

Alpine Ridge Campground MAP Address: 757 Alpine Ridge Landing Rd. Amity, AR 71921

Iron Mountain Campground MAP Address: 198 Iron Mountain Rd. Arkadelphia, AR 71923

Edgewood Campground MAP Address: 476 Century Rd. Bismarck, AR 71929

Caddo Drive Campground MAP Address: 104 Lakefront Rd. Bismarck, AR 71929

Arlie Moore Campground MAP Address: 130 Arlie Moore Rd. Bismarck, AR 71929

Shouse Ford Campground MAP Address: 252 Chinook Court, Amity, AR 71921


Whether you are looking for a fun weekend with the family, a professional camper, or looking for a place to get back in touch with nature, DeGray Lake is one of the most popular camping destinations in Arkansas and an outdoor lover’s dream. Located on a lake whose landscape is pure nature at its best, DeGray offers a family friendly camping experience and some of the best fishing around!

DeGray has won national awards for having some of the top recreation areas in the nation. In 2007 the National Recreation Reservation Service selected the Arlie Moore Interpretive Trail as one of America’s Top 25 Hiking Trails, the Highway 7 Recreation Area as one of America’s Top 25 Picnic Areas, and The Caddo Drive Recreation Area was selected as one of America’s Top 25 Scenic Views. DeGray Lake has also hosted thousands of professional fishing tournaments, triathlons, and has one of the most popular swimming destinations in the state at Hwy 7.Camping at DeGray Lake is a pleasure for all ages. With 20 recreation areas, 340 picnic

sites, 724 campsites, 18 boat ramps and 12 swimming beaches, to choose from, there is an area for any type of camping experience. Campers enjoy the serenity of Point Cedar with its majestic rock face and flowing water as your back yard and the peaceful retreat of Caddo Drive. RV campers enjoy family friendly Shouse Ford, Edgewood, Arlie Moore, and the secluded nature getaway of Alpine Ridge and Iron Mountain.

We invite you to visit DeGray Lake and sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty she has to offer.

Arlie Moore is the only Corps of Engineers campground open from December 1 thru February 28th.

Description of Facilities

20 recreation areas with 340 picnic sites, 724 campsites, 18 boat ramps and 12 swimming beaches.

Class A Camping Areas

$10 to $20 per night

Arlie Moore- 87 campsites ($16)

Amenities: electricity at each site, water hook ups, sanitary waste disposal station, showers, flush toilets, swim beach and boat launch.

Alpine Ridge-49 campsites ($20)

Amenities: electricity and water at each site, sanitary waste disposal station, showers, flush toilets, swim beach and boat launch.

Caddo Drive- 72 campsites ($16)

Amenities: electricity at each site, sanitary waste disposal station, showers, flush toilets, swim beach and boat launch.

Edgewood - 51 campsites ($20)

Amenities: electricity and water at each site, sanitary waste disposal station, showers, flush toilets, swim beach.

Iron Mountain - 69 campsites ($16)

Amenities: electricity at each site, sanitary waste disposal station, showers, flush toilets, swim beach and boat launch.

Shouse Ford- 99 campsites ($16)

Amenities: electricity at each site, sanitary waste disposal station, showers, flush toilets, swim beach and boat launch.

Point Cedar- 62 campsites ($14-$20)

Amenities: electricity and water at 42 sites, sanitary waste disposal station, showers, flush toilets.

America the Beautiful Passes/Golden Age and Golden Access cards accepted

Reservations for Class A sites at these camping areas may be made by calling the National Recreation Reservation System's toll free number 1-877-444-6777 or on the internet at www.recreation.gov.

Class C Camping Area

Ozan Point- Open Camping ($10)

Facilities: Include flush toilets, potable water, boat ramp, and picnic tables.

Class D Camping Areas

Lenox Marcus Area - Open camping (200 Acres).

Facilities: Include flush toilets, potable water, boat ramp, and picnic tables.

Camping Fees: No Charge

All campsites are non-reserve and available as "first come-first serve".


Other Facilities

State Park located at the project and facilities:

DeGray Lake Resort State Park

Route 3, Box 490
Bismarck, AR 71929-8194


DeGray State Park Lodge
(501) 865-2851 or 1-800-737-8355
Park (501) 865-2801

Facilities at the state park:

113 Class A campsites, a lodge with 96 rooms for rent, a restaurant, swimming pool, amphitheater, 18 hole golf course, marina, swimming beaches, boat ramps, rental boats, picnic sites and group picnic shelters.


Group Use Area

Oak Bower Group Use Area Click Here for Kitchen Photo - Dining Hall Interior - Dining Hall Exterior

Unique to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Oak Bower is located along the Big Hill Creek arm of DeGray Lake. This quality group use camping facility offers sleeping cabins, dining hall, kitchen, shower house and playground equipment. Oak Bower is an ideal location for family reunions, company retreats and large group outings.

For reservation information call 870-246-5501 or Click here for Reservation Application

Oak Bower 911 Address: 121 Sitka Lane Bismarck, AR 71929

 Disc Golf Scorecard


Fishing at sunset on DeGray

DeGray Lake is nationally known for its clean, clear water and pristine shoreline.  It is also known for its trophy winning hybrid stripers, crappie, and catfish.

Each year, thousands of people come to fish the waters of DeGray Lake.  The Caddo River feeds the lake, making it a great habit for fish.  The introduction of the crappie season can be heard as the sound of boats flocking to the lake come from near and far. With numerous coves and fishing shelters along the bottom of the lake, catching fish usually isn’t too difficult a task.

Each year, the lake hosts hundreds of fishing tournaments –local and national. Also Park Rangers and staff have fishing derbies for local children’s groups and physically challenged children and adults.

Fishing guide services and bait shops are also located near the lake as well are two marinas located at DeGray State Park and Iron Mountain.

Information and Links

Permits must be obtained in order to conduct a tournament on the lake. Contact the DeGray Lake Field Office at 870-245-5501 for information or fill out an application online.

            DeGray Fishing Tournament Permit

            Email link for Tournament Contact

            DeGray Lake Map    

 Fish shelter maps
-- Highway 7 Fish Shelter 
-- Cox Creek Fish Shelter
-- Point Cedar Fish Shelter
-- Shouse Ford Fish Shelter

 Mountain Bike Trail
 Sunset Trail (Watchable Wildlife Trail)

Contact Info

DeGray Lake Field Office
729 Channel Road
Arkadelphia, AR 71923-8776

Phone: 870-246-5501
FAX: 870-246-9540

DeGray Lake Location

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