CAD/GIS Section

The CAD/GIS Section currently provides CAD, GIS, specifications, and quality control services for all work assigned to the Vicksburg District.  Some of our specific tasks include the following: 

  • Provide CAD support services and solutions to district CAD users.  Services include providing guidance on the use of software, ensuring that CAD standards are maintained and implemented, maintaining scanners and plotters, and solving plotting problems.  Current CAD related software includes Bentley Microstation, InRoads, DeCartes, Projectwise, and several other specialized programs.
  • Provide GIS services to the district and division. This section is the home of the Mississippi Valley Division’s Enterprise GIS technical coordinator and the Vicksburg District’s Enterprise GIS manager. The GIS group develops, maintains, and implements databases and web applications for the district and division offices. They also provide technical advice to fellow employees and customers for all matters relating to GIS.
  • Provide specifications for all projects assigned to the Vicksburg District. This section is responsible for ensuring that the most up-to-date Unified Facilities Guide Specifications are being used, for creating and maintaining local master specifications that are tailored to the most common district project types, and for providing technical specifications using SpecsIntact software. We also provide guidance to designers on the proper format and language to be used when developing technical specifications.
  • Provide quality control services and support for wide range of products. The majority of our quality control program consists of performing reviews and backchecks for plans and specifications to ensure biddability, constructability, operability and environmental compliance of our projects. We also provide support for reviews of reports, studies, and bidder inquiries. Our office also establishes policies and procedures related to quality control and quality management.

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