Application procedures may vary slightly from Corps District to Corps District due to State requirements and the type of permit appropriate to the activity.  Individual permits require a formal application form (ENG 4345).  Links to the ENG 4345 form and instructions are below.

Application FormCertification of Legal Interest, and Instructions 

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Some nationwide permits require pre-construction notification to the Corps in an abbreviated format.  Other nationwide permits are granted automatically without contacting the Corps.  When pre-construction notification (PCN) is required, applicants may submit the required information using the form (includes instructions) below.  Note: Use of the PCN form is optional.

PCN Form and Instructions (You may need to download and save the form to view/fill.)

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Each Regional General Permit has specific information requirements.  A summary of the available Regional General Permits, and information on the specific application requirements is provided in a link within the Regional General Permits section, below.

If you have questions about which type of permit to apply for, please contact us


Frequently Asked Questions

!NEW!  Data Upload Sheets- The upload process now uses a single excel workbook for uploading all data.  There is also a separate workbook for just aquatic resources.

 The USACE Vicksburg District encourages the use of the consolidated upload spreadsheet for linear projects and/or multiple crossings to help in the effort to expedite our permit evaluation process.  Applicants are encouraged to complete the "AqResources" and "Impacts" tabs in the consolidated spreadsheet.  Regulatory personnel will complete the remaining tabs in the spreadsheet.

Questions regarding the upload spreadsheets can be sent to

Click to download: Consolidated Upload Spreadsheet

Standard Permits

standard, or individual, permit is one evaluated through the typical review procedures which includes a public notice, opportunity for a public hearing, and receipt of comments. A final decision is made following a case-by-case evaluation of a specific activity and is based on the outcome of the public notice process and a determination of the benefits versus losses. Standard permits are usually evaluated within 120 days after the submittal of a complete application packet.

Letters of Permission

A Letter of Permission is a type of individual permit that is issued in an abbreviated manner. If work is minor or routine with minimum impacts and objections are unlikely, then a permit request may qualify for a Letter of Permission (LOP). In the Vicksburg District, LOPs are used solely for Section 10 only activities.  These types of permits are coordinated with State and Federal agencies for 15-days. LOPs are usually evaluated within 120 days from submittal of a complete application packet.

Regional General Permits

Regional-General permits are issued for a category or categories of activities when: those activities are substantially similar in nature and cause no more than minimal individual and cumulative environmental impacts; or would result in avoiding unnecessary duplication of the regulatory control exercised by another agency, provided it has been determined that the environmental consequences of the actions are individually and cumulatively minimal.

Nationwide Permits

Nationwide Permits (NWPs) are issued on a nationwide basis to streamline the approval process for certain undertakings that have no more than minimal impacts on aquatic resources. In many cases, the formal evaluation of a permit request (pre-construction notification) is not required because NWPs have already been issued to the public by the Corps of Engineers. However, in some cases, pre-construction notification to the Corps is required prior to construction. NWP verifications are typically completed within 45-60 days of the receipt of a complete permit request.

Contact a Section

Compliance and Enforcement Branch
Chief, Jerry Bourne

Wetland delineation;  investigation of unauthorized activities and violations; permit compliance; and other jurisdictional issues and policy.  

Permit and Evaluation Branch
Chief, Bryan Williamson

Nationwide Permits, Regional-General Permits, Standard Permits and Letters of Permission and Corps Memoranda; Emergency Permit procedures; FEMA Assistance (Government entities only); Mitigation Bank proposals.

Liaison, Anthony Lobred

Mississippi Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration permits.