Analytical Section

The Analytical Section is responsible for geotechnical engineering and design related to existing and proposed civil works projects for the Vicksburg District.  The section provides geotechnical engineering services pertaining to surface and subsurface explorations, foundation and embankment design, underseepage evaluations and design, slope stability, and soil mechanics engineering.  It provides expert geotechnical advice on flood control projects such as dams, levees, pump stations, floodwalls, weirs, sector gates, water control structures, locks, and culverts.  The section also completes geotechnical design for structures such as earth retention structures, bridges, buildings and roads.

Geotechnical analysis and design is completed for the development of plans and specifications (P&S) for new construction and for assessing the condition of existing projects during routine operation and during emergency events.  The Analytical Section participates on inspection teams for all levees and major flood control projects (dams, floodwalls, pump stations, etc.) within the Vicksburg District and completes post-inspection geotechnical engineering analysis and reporting.  The section remains on-call during high water and flood fighting events to provide analytical support and provides direct support in the field during emergency situations. 

The section provides geotechnical advice and support during construction of civil works projects.  This support includes site visits during construction, review of quality control and quality assurance data, and troubleshooting of geotechnical problems encountered during construction.

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