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As one of the oldest programs in the Federal government, we are committed to providing fair permit decisions with the highest quality of customer service while protecting our nation's aquatic resources and ecosystems.


Internal Review and Audit Compliance

The Internal Review's Vision is to provide a full spectrum of internal review and related services that are timely, designed to add value to command operations and that exceed the expectations of Command and Senior Management.


Equal Employment Opportunity Office

Leads, manages, develops and implements affirmative employment plans; and manages the EEO discrimination complaint programs in effective, efficient and responsive manner to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


Emergency Operations

The Corps provides emergency response to natural disasters under Public Law 84-99, which covers flood control and coastal emergencies. It also provides emergency support to other agencies


Safety and Occupational Health

Our mission is to promote a safety culture and pro-active environment that will effectively identify and manage risk through recognition, evaluation, implementation and educating our employees and clients in compliance with federal, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Army, and local safety and health regulations as well as the latest professional practices to ensure protection of life and property


Public Affairs Office

The Public Affairs Office fulfills the Department of the Army’s, Corps of Engineers obligation to keep the American people and the Army informed. We help to establish the conditions that lead to confidence in the Corps and its readiness to conduct operations.


Office of Counsel

Serves as the counselor and the advisor to the Commander and works with the staff of the Vicksburg District and other elements of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Receives and responds to Freedom of Information Act requests. Processes claims against the Government arising from the activities of the Vicksburg District.


Logistics Management

Our mission is to provide quality logistical support to the Vicksburg District and to assure the full range of customer requirements for materiel resources and services are delivered by the most cost effective and expeditious means.The Logistics Management Office serves as an advisory and administrative staff office, providing management and operational support to the district for all logistics programs.


Operations Division

The Mission of the Operations Division is to provide quality engineering and other professional services for Flood Damage Reduction, Navigation, Hydropower Production, Recreation Management, Water Supply, Natural Resource Stewardship, Environmental Compliance, Emergency Operations and Support for Others.


Engineering & Construction Division

Engineering & Construction Division strives to meet the customer's expectations within the limits of established policy, law and customer requirements by providing quality products and technical expertise for all kinds of engineering flood control, navigation, hydropower and recreation facilities.


Contracting Office

We provide the Vicksburg District and the Mississippi Valley Division a professional and highly qualified acquisition work force, and utilize the most effective and efficient acquisition procedures for all the MVK/MVD contracting requirements. Always focusing on Procurement Integrity and Attention to Detail.


Small Business Office

The Vicksburg District fully supports the Government’s policy to provide maximum practicable opportunities in its acquisitions to Small Businesses, Small Disadvantaged Businesses, Women-Owned Small Businesses, HUBZone Small Businesses, Veteran-Owned Small Businesses and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses


Real Estate Office

The mission of the Real Estate Division is to acquire and manage all Real Property assets of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Secondly, advise Project Sponsors on their requirements in the development of projects in support of the Vicksburg District.


Resource Management

Responsible for the development and implementation of policies and processes required to justify, defend, and manage the US Army Corps of Engineers financial and staffing resources.  DRM provides the fiduciary and manpower management support and services necessary to execute the Corps annual fiscal program.  



Programs and Project  Management

To implement and provide guidance for the purposes of implementing the Project Management Business Process (PMBP) to all aspects of the Vicksburg District Missions.