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29361 HIGHWAY 315

SARDIS, MS  38666


Mississippi Project Office Location

Welcome to the Mississippi Project Office

The Mississippi Project Office is proud to oversee more than 365 thousand acres of land and water readily available for visitors to enjoy. At our lakes we offer an array of recreational opportunities that include fishing, boating, camping, hiking, bicycling, swimming, and photography - just to name a few. Our lakes and parks are great places to enjoy nature, too! If you are looking for your next adventure or vacation destination, look no further - it is right here in your own backyard!

Mississippi Project Office Information

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4 Lakes 82 Recreation Areas 21 Swimming Beaches
269,210 Land Acres 35 Picnic Shelters

1,443 Picnic Sites

96,210 Water Acres 25 Campgrounds 1,443 Camping Sites
570 Shoreline Miles 52 Boat Ramps 2 Fishing Docks
1 Marina/146 Slips 28 Playgrounds 46 Trails
The Mississippi Project Management Office is located on the south side of the dam just past the Overlook Area. 
Distance to Sardis Lake
Memphis: 58
Jackson, MS: 162
Directions to Sardis Lake
Exit I-55 in Sardis, MS on exit ramp 252. Travel approximately 10 miles east on MS Highway 315 to Sardis Dam
Exit I-55 in Batesville, MS on exit ramp 246. Travel approximately 10 miles east on MS Highway 35 to Sardis Dam.
Social Benefits Outdoor recreation activities strengthen family ties and personal friendships, as well as promote physical fitness. By providing opportunities for active recreation, the Corps is helping to combat some of the nation's most severe health problems - obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
Economic Benefits The money spent by visitors to Corps lakes adds to the local and national economies by supporting jobs and generating income. Visitor spending at the North Mississippi lakes represents a sizable component of the economy of local communities surrounding our lakes. Almost 5.5 million visitors per year supports $120 million in visitor spending with 52% being captured by local economies. Visitor spending also supports the addition of 1,500 jobs.
Environmental Benefits The four North Mississippi lakes provide numerous opportunities for visitors to learn more about the environment, to become aware of and understand environmental issues, and to develop a sensitivity toward caring for the environment.