Construction Quality Management (CQM) Training

The training is formatted into the following modules of instruction that may include class discussion and video presentation:

    Cover and Foreward

    Table of Contents

    Module 1 - Introduction

    Module 2 - Contractors Review

    Module 3 - Quality Management Planning

    Module 4 - Post Award Orientation

    Module 5 - Submittals

    Module 6 - Quality Management For Construction Projects

    Module 7 - Managing the Work System

    Module 8 - Quality Control System (QCS) and Resident Management System (RMS)

    Module 9 - NAVFAC's Web based Construction Management System (WebCM)


    Complete CQM Student Study Guide (All of the above in one 1.7 meg PDF file)


NOTE: Please print a copy of the CQM Student Study Guide and bring it with you for your scheduled training class. To print these documents you will need the "Adobe Reader" installed on your computer which is available here.