Technical Services Section

The Technical Services Section of Technical Support Branch is responsible for the coordination and management of the District’s Architect-Engineer program including the selection, negotiation and administration of contracts for supplementing in-house and regional resources to meet District and regional mission requirements for design, surveying, mapping, value engineering and construction support.  The A-E management team also provides this same support to the USACE Modeling, Mapping, and Consequences (MMC) Production Center and the Engineer Research and Development Center’s (ERDC) Bridge Inspection Team that manages the Army Bridge Inspection Program.  The A-E management team also serves as the technical expert on A-E regulations and procedures, coordinates the activities of various selection boards, prepares the selection reports for approval by higher authority, provides review and verification of scopes of work, maintains electronic files for all A-E actions,  reviews contractor invoices and processes prompt contractor payments in CEFMS and provides timely submission of A-E performance data to the Architect-Engineer Contract Administration Support Systems (ACASS). The relocations team is responsible for the preparation of plans and specifications for relocation contracts and negotiating the contracts with utility owners for relocation of public facilities required to support the construction mission of the District and the region.

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