Technical Data Section

The Technical Data Section of Technical Support Branch provides survey and mapping support through in-house resources and contractor support to all District elements in support of the District mission.  Survey work includes collection of survey data for design, hydrographic, cadastral, channel monitoring, periodic inspections, pre-construction and after construction surveys.  The section prepares scopes of work and cost estimates for the issuance of task orders for work to be performed by contract survey firms and provides quality control inspection of contractor field survey parties to verify methodology, equipment and safe practices.  The section also provides quality control and verification of survey data to ensure computation and adjustment of field surveys conducted by contract survey parties is compliant with standard practices.

Team members convert survey data files into design files for use in mapping and design of assigned projects.  Mapping team members prepare detailed topographic and hydrographic maps from data produced by conventional and automated surveying and/or photogrammetric methods, and for special region wide projects such as Navigation Maps on all navigable waterways.

The section maintains files of horizontal and vertical control placed by the District or its contractors and makes this information available to members of the general public.  They also provide cadastral surveys used to identify and maintain all property boundaries of Corps of Engineers real property.  The District coordinator for Continuing Evaluation of Project Datums (CEPD) is also a member of the Technical Data Section team.

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