Structures Section

Technically coordinates and prepares preliminary and final design and plans and specifications for construction of flood control, navigation, multiple purpose reservoir, hydropower structures, and assigned streambank erosion control projects. Structures involved include multiple-purpose dams, navigation locks and dams, pumping plants, appurtenant structures for hydropower facilities, gravity drainage structures, floodwalls, and other structural features. Responsible for coordination of design of structural components of hydropower plants with Hydropower Design Center.

Develops preliminary and final structural design of project features such as bridges and box culverts for access of project roads.

Prepares applicable portions of General Design Memorandums and other planning reports for projects involving flood control and navigation structures. Prepares and coordinates the preparation of Feature Design Memorandums of these structures.

Prepares hired labor directives and plans and specifications for construction and maintenance of flood control structures or features listed above.

Provides technical assistance to Construction Division and Operations Division on construction problems and maintenance problems, respectively.

Provides technical support to Planning Division in the development of flood control and navigation structural alternatives presented in recon and feasibility studies.

Prepares work statements and reviews for technical adequacy and coordinates the preparation of design documents and plans and specifications prepared by A-E firms and other Corps districts.

Responsible for requests for right-of-entry, right-of-way, surveys, mapping, and borings on projects described above.

Provides design support to other Districts on structural design.

Provide structural expertise in performing Hydraulic Steel Structure (HSS) inspections in accordance with ER 1110-2-8157.  HSS inspection and evaluation are required to assure that adequate strength and serviceability are maintained as long as the structure is in service.

Provide structural expertise in performing bridge inspections in accordance with ER 1110-2-111 to ensure compliance with the national bridge inspection standards (NBIS).  Maintain and report District bridge inventory to the federal highway administration (FHWA) in compliance with NBIS.

Provide structural expertise in performing dam periodic inspections and levee periodic inspections in accordance with ER 1110-2-100 to assure the safety, continuing structural integrity, and operational adequacy of civil works projects.

Provide structural expertise in performing levee evaluation inspections in accordance with EC 1110-2-6067 under the national flood insurance program (NFIP) to determine how flood hazard areas behind levees are mapped by FEMA.

Provide structural engineering support in the annual levee routine inspections in accordance with ER 500-1-1 PL84-99 to assess the condition of the levee and associated structures to ensure that the project sponsor (levee board, USACE, etc) are properly maintaining and operating the system/segment.

Performs field inspections as necessary to coordinate construction with design.

Coordinates appropriate schedule and design functions with Programs and Project Management Division

 Determines need for and administers A-E contracts for assigned work.

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