Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Section

Develops preliminary and final design and plans and specifications for construction of recreational facilities, landscape architectural treatments, roads and traffic control facilities, architectural features of all District projects, and miscellaneous civil engineering features for recreation, flood control, and navigation projects.

Prepares applicable portions of design document reports and other reports for projects or features mentioned above.

Prepares plans, specifications, and hired labor directives for construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation of facilities and features mentioned above.

Provides design support to other District elements on special studies relating to recreational facilities, sanitary engineering design, landscape architecture, and architecture and road design.

Reviews plans and specifications for relocation of highways, secondary roads, railroads, pipelines, and utility lines that are prepared by others and approved by the Vicksburg District.

Is responsible for management of assigned A-E contracts and determines the need for and administers A-E work orders to accomplish assigned projects.

Responsible for management of projects which are principally architectural in nature. This includes review of architectural components of projects prepared by A-E contractors and management of building projects at the USACE, Engineer Research and Development Center.

Responsible for coordination, surveys, plans and specifications, and managing Vicksburg District Support for Others Program (SFOP).

Responsible for coordinating and performing as the technical manager of the Delta Headwaters Project in the Yazoo Basin of the Vicksburg District.

Prepares applicable portions of design document reports and work statements for projects involving mechanical and electrical features.

Develops preliminary and final designs for mechanical and electrical features of appurtenant structures for flood control and multipurpose dams, navigation locks and dams, pumping stations, drainage structures, and recreational areas.

Designs, prepares plans and specifications, and administers contracts for new items of floating plant and equipment for authorized navigation projects and for modifications/alterations to existing floating plant and equipment.

Collaborates in the preparation of basic conception plans and specifications of special machines, plant, and equipment, performing research and development work in connection with construction and testing of prototype models, etc.

Administers contracts for and negotiates with contractors regarding change orders for floating plant. Prepares Findings of Fact and submits change orders through proper staffing to the Contracting Division for issuance.

Reviews and checks electrical and mechanical portion of submittals prepared by manufacturers and contractors when these submittals are considered an extension of design and recommends approval or disapproval within scope of contract specifications and witnesses tests of such equipment (e.g., motor tests and pump model tests).

Prepares plans, specifications, and hired labor directives in support of Operations Division.

Is responsible for mechanical and electrical design effort in support of Vicksburg District's mobilization and military construction missions.

Designs, prepares plans and specifications for HVAC systems, evaluates and troubleshoots HVAC systems.

Prepares plans and specifications for painting of equipment and machinery for civil works structures.

Prepares cathodic protection system designs for navigation locks and dams, pumping plants and gated structures, and evaluates cathodic protection systems for civil works structures.

In collaboration with the architect, coordinates fire protection for buildings and facilities.

Serves as Design Branch coordinator for pumping plants.

Prepares O&M Manuals for pumping plants and other Civil Works projects.

Prepares plans and specifications for Government-furnished equipment.

Prepares mechanical and electrical portion of fair and reasonable Government estimates as requested in support of Cost Engineering Branch.

Reviews and checks power and telephone line relocations under cost reimbursable and lump sum type contracts.

For new Government installations, determines electrical power suppliers, location to which power is to be delivered, and prepares requisition requesting initiation of a contract for power with the utility company for all contracts requiring a new power source; participates with Contracting Division in negotiating with power companies for service contracts.

Coordinates power procurement activities for the District.

Troubleshoots, evaluates, and performs tests on mechanical and electrical systems and equipment on flood control structures and multipurpose dams, navigation locks and dams, pumping stations, large drainage structures, and recreation areas.

Reviews and checks mechanical and electrical plans, specifications, design document reports and reports prepared by A-E firms or other districts for technical correctness, compliance with good engineering practice, and compliance with contract requirements.

Makes preliminary investigations and detailed studies and prepares reports. Serves as District advisor on mechanical and electrical features of civil works projects. Prepares final plans and specifications for the procurement and installation of equipment for a wide range of projects associated with the utilization of alternate and/or unusual energy sources.

Directs the efforts of A-E firms under open-end contracts.

Determines need for and administers A-E contracts for assigned work.

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