Levee & Drainage Section

Technically coordinates and prepares preliminary and final designs and plans for levee enlargement, levee setbacks, berms, dikes, drainage ditches and new harbor channel construction on the Mississippi and tributary rivers and Arkansas River as applicable. Prepares designs and plans for levee work involving new levees, levee enlargements, levee setbacks, berms, drainage ditches, flood control gravity drainage structures, channel improvements and assigned bank protection works in the Yazoo, Ouachita, Red, Pearl, and Tensas Basins. Prepares designs and plans for levee repairs and restorations for levee projects.

Responsible for requests for right-of-entry, right-of-way, surveys, mapping, and borings on projects described above.

Prepares plans and specifications for placement of new gravel surfacing and maintenance gravel surfacing on the crown of existing levees to facilitate access for flood fight operations.

Prepares hired labor directives and plans and specifications for levee restoration, levee repairs of completed works, and maintenance of tributary rivers and streams.

Determines need for and administers A-E contracts for assigned work.

Prepares letter reports for each item of work in Mississippi River Levees Enlargement and Berm Program, Lower Red River South Bank Levees, and Arkansas River Levees.

Reviews draft design memorandums for future flood control works prepared by other District elements and Corps offices.

Provides technical assistance to Construction Division and Operations Division on construction problems and maintenance problems, respectively.

Provides technical support to Planning Division in the development of flood control levee and channel improvement alternatives presented in recon and feasibility studies.

Coordinates appropriate schedule and design functions with Programs and Project Management Division.

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