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Corps plans for next disaster while supporting Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Published Nov. 2, 2012
Col Eckstein participates in the New Madrid Emergency Planning Exercise

Col Eckstein participates in the New Madrid Emergency Planning Exercise

Vicksburg, Ms... On November 1, 2012, the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Vicksburg District (MVK) participated in a New Madrid earthquake planning exercise to develop contingency plans involving all the districts of the Mississippi Valley Division (MVD).


Although already engaged in assisting with the recovery after Hurricane Sandy, the District and Division senior leaders and members of the emergency operations sections met to create readiness plans in the event an earthquake strikes Memphis.  Participants from New Orleans, Vicksburg, Memphis, St. Louis, Rock Island and St. Paul districts, as well as, the MVD headquarters staff met at the Vicksburg District Office.


Planning and preparing to respond to catastrophic events are critical to coordinate actions and eliminate duplication of efforts when responding to natural disasters or manmade disasters.  The exercise reviewed communications, logistics and travel requirements and capabilities needed to respond to a large-scale New Madrid earthquake near Memphis.


“We take these planning exercises seriously,” said Greg Raimondo, chief public affairs, Vicksburg District. “It is our chance to refine our plans and be prepared when the call comes to support the Nation in a time of need.”  

The Vicksburg District is prepared and ready to respond to natural disasters, whenever and wherever they happen.  Our federal debris removal experts as well as our engineers provide technical expertise in assessing and providing solutions for complex problems.


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