Alleged Violations & Compliance

Performing unauthorized work in waters of the United States or failure to comply with the terms of a valid permit can have serious consequences. You would be in violation of Federal law and could face stiff penalties, including fines and/or requirements to restore the affected jurisdictional area. Violators can also be referred to the Environmental Protection Agency for further disciplinary action. 

Enforcement is an important part of the Corps Regulatory Program. Corps surveillance and monitoring activities are often aided by various agencies, groups, and individuals, who report suspected violations. If you suspect a possible violation to Corps jurisdictional waters and/or wetlands, please contact our Enforcement Section.

Report A Violation

If there has been an alleged violation, email the following information: 

  • Your name and contact information
  • Alleged violators name and contact information (if known)
  • Address or coordinates of alleged violation (with directions to the site)
  • A short description of the act

To report an alleged violation, you can provide the above information to the Vicksburg District 

via email by clicking here or visit the Contact page by clicking here.