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Posted 3/11/2016

Release no. 16-010

Shirley J. Smith

Vicksburg, Miss…Due to the higher than normal amount of rainfall in the Shreveport/Bossier City area and most of central Louisiana, the Corps’ Vicksburg District have made preparations for Phase II Flood Fighting.  Preparations have been made to increase the level of response (24 hour surveillance) for monitoring the flood, looking for overtopping, seepages, as well as slides. 

     Due to flash flooding, the Red Chute Bayou is in danger of overtopping. The Red Chute levee is a 25-year levee, 16.5 miles long and, is maintained by the Bossier Levee District. Evacuations have been ongoing in this area and some other low lying areas that are subject to flash flooding. 

     State, local, and federal agencies, including the Corps, and levee boards, are closely monitoring the conditions in the aforementioned affected areas. 

     Mississippi Rivers and Tributaries Project flood protection works in the Lower Mississippi Valley protect many thousands of homes and businesses, millions of lives, and vast tracts of fertile cropland.