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Posted 6/3/2013

Release no. 13-055

Kavanaugh Breazeale

Vicksburg, Miss –The Vicksburg District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) have closed boat ramps and recreational areas at Lake Ouachita, Lake Greeson and DeGray Lake in Arkansas due the recent high water levels in the lakes. Concrete barriers are being placed at boat ramps, recreational areas and day use areas for visitor’s safety. Additional campsites may be closed should water levels rise.


Lake Ouachita.

Recreational areas at Lake Ouachita that are closed include Crystal Springs, Joplin, Tompkins Bend, Twin Creek, Little Fir, Avant, Buckville and Lena Landing. Lake Ouachita day use areas are also experiencing high water levels and are presently closed. These areas include the Spillway, Brady Mountain, Crystal Springs and Twin Creek. Lake Ouachita campsites that are closed include Brady Mountain, Crystal Springs, Joplin, Tompkins Bend and Little Fir. 


Lake Greeson.

The currently closed campground at Lake Greeson is Arrowhead Point.  Some of the camp sites at Kirby Landing are closed and electrical power is off. Cowhide Cove and Parker Creek lower roads are currently restricted to vehicular traffic.


DeGray Lake.

The boat ramps that are currently closed at DeGray Lake are the Spillway, Alpine Ridge, Amity, Lower Lake, Point Cedar, Arlie Moore and Caddo Drive. Day use areas, campsites and campgrounds that are closed are Arlie Moore, Alpine Ridge and Point Cedar.  Some camp sites at Ozan Point are under water. Also closed are the areas of Lenox Marcus and Shouse Ford.


The National Recreation Reservation System (NRRS) has been contacted to cancel all reservations for campsites affected by the high water conditions and those campers will be fully refunded.


Boaters are reminded to always watch for debris washed into the lake from the recent heavy rains in the watershed area and let others know where you will be boating.  Always wear your lifejacket and keep the boat's "kill switch" attached at all times while underway.  For more information, please contact the Arkansas lake offices at 501-767-2101.