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Posted 3/20/2013

Release no. 13-027

Kavanaugh Breazeale

Vicksburg, MS – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg District, is recognizing National Flood Safety Awareness Week, March 18-22 to improve public awareness and preparedness.


There are a few simple steps to assist you with the preparation for potential flooding. Make sure your flood insurance policy for your home or business is updated and correct.  Develop an emergency “fly-away” kit in case of evacuation. This kit should consist of water, food, flashlight, first aide, can opener and a whistle. Study and learn about the flood risks in your neighborhood and developing a family emergency plan.


Floods are the most common hazard in the United States but not all floods are the same.  Floods typically occur when excessive rain falls or when snow melts too quickly. Chunks of ice called an ice dam can block a river or streams normal flow and force water out of its banks.  While some floods develop slowly, flash floods develop suddenly from severe localized rainfall.  Hurricanes can bring flooding to areas far inland from where they first hit the coast. This was evident from the devastating impacts of Hurricanes Isaac and Katrina and Sandy.


There are simple steps citizens can take to reduce their risk from all types of floods. More information can be found at the following websites: