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Published Feb. 12, 2013
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Vicksburg, Miss. – The U.S. Army, Corps of Engineers (Corps) Vicksburg District is home to a unique group of individuals who investigate fraud, waste and abuse of Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA) funds. The FECA Fraud Investigation Unit has been at the Vicksburg District since 1992 and supports the Corps nationwide.


This fiscal year, the FECA Fraud Investigation Unit has successfully removed several individuals from the compensation rolls.  Cases range from employees involved in land speculation activities for personal gain to employees that claim a false injury. 

Workers’ compensation payments for injuries that occur on the job, are extracted from funds granted to the Corps by Congress. These payments are paid prior to the release of any funds designated for civil works and infrastructure projects. In 2012, the FECA Fraud Investigation Unit saved 5.5 million dollars in long term cost avoidances.  To date, in fiscal year 2013, approximately 2 million dollars have been saved.


The Corps’ goal is to return rehabilitated individuals to the workforce and remove undeserving individuals from the workers compensation program. This sometimes results in criminal prosecution.


Since 1994, the FECA Fraud Investigation Unit has saved taxpayers over 75 million dollars, which would otherwise be diverted away from construction and management of infrastructure and vital waterways.   Saving these funds enables the Corps to better manage funding in building flood control and other projects.


To report FECA fraud, waste or abuse by Corps employees, call 1-800-831-2018.

Kavanaugh Breazeale

Release no. 13-012