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Welcome to the Vicksburg District's Corps Lakes...

Aside from the water itself, the terrestrial resources that surround our lakes are valuable assets that sustain the exquisite nature of our 10 lakes.

Original congressional authorizations were limited in some cases to only one purpose, Flood Damage Reduction at our older projects. More recent authorization included multi-purpose functions such as Hydropower Production, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Stewardship, Water Supply, Public Recreation, as well as Flood Damage Reduction.

Everyone is encouraged to visit Vicksburg District Corps Projects, recognize the purpose of the project and enjoy the many opportunities provided to expand your knowledge of the outdoors and relax.  

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Corps Supports Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day

Vicksburg, Miss… The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is partnering with the National Safe Boating Council in support of the Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day scheduled for May 16, 2014. The annual event, hosted by the National Safe Boating Council (NSBC) serves as a fun, educational element a day prior to the beginning of National Safe Boating Week, May 17-23, the official launch of the 2014 North American Safe Boating Campaign. [Read More]
Published: May-08-14

Corps to Participate in Water Resource Festival May 9th and 10th

Vicksburg, Miss……The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Vicksburg District along with the Aquatic and Wildlife Education Foundation of Bossier City, Louisiana, and other sponsors will present the Ninth Annual Water Resource Festival. “Water, Our Most Valuable Treasure,” will be this year’s theme. The two-day festival kicks off on May 9th from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. for student participation. It will continue on Saturday, May 10, from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. for the general public. Both days’ events will be held at the Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City. [Read More]
Published: May-07-14

Vicksburg District Engineer Returns From Afghanistan

Vicksburg, Miss……Pat Chambers, Supervisory Engineer with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg District, recently returned from a 16-month deployment to Kabul, Afghanistan, in support of Overseas Contingency Operations. During his first nine-month tour, Chambers served in several capacities. As the lead civil engineer with Operations Division, Chambers was responsible for reviewing construction submittals for constructability and feasibility. He also served as project manager for 15 projects valued at over $12,000,000 and served as lead project manager and facility engineer for all construction, repairs, communication infrastructure, force protection construction, and base camp master planning to relocate the Engineer District to an alternate forward operating base in concert with the drawdown of forces. [Read More]
Published: May-06-14

Patriots’ Day at Ivan Lake to Honor Wounded Veterans

Vicksburg, Miss…… The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Louisiana Field Office of the Vicksburg District along with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and other local organizations will host their first Patriots’ Day at the Lake event. It is scheduled for May 3, 2014 beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the 560-acre Ivan Lake of the Bayou Bodcau Dam and Recreation Area located at 1700 Bodcau Dam Road, Haughton, Louisiana. Events will include canoeing, water safety programs, fishing, bow and arrow shooting, and lunch. It is expected to be a great time - food, fun, fellowship, and fishing to honor those who have given so much. For more information, contact Bodcau Forester Tommy Jones at 318-949-1804. [Read More]
Published: May-01-14

Vicksburg District Civil Engineer Returns from Alaska Deployment

Vicksburg, Miss…… The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg District team member, Lamar Jenkins, recently returned from emergency deployment to Galena, Alaska, in support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The city of Galena suffered a major flood and ice flows in May 2013 when numerous houses and other structures were destroyed and determined to be public health threats. As debris subject matter expert, Jenkins provided technical support to the State of Alaska and the city of Galena in its debris management planning and implementation. He provided guidance for the Public Assistance Demolition Program and Private Property Debris Removal Program. [Read More]
Published: Apr-28-14

Corps Presents 2014 Regulator of the Year Award

Vicksburg, Miss……The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg District, Regulatory Branch has awarded Jeffrey (Chad) Phillips the 2014 Larry N. Harper “Regulator of the Year” Award. Phillips was recognized for his work to assure that the Nation’s aquatic resources are protected, while allowing reasonable development through fair, flexible, and balanced permit decisions. [Read More]
Published: Apr-25-14

The Vicksburg District Hosts 2014 Hurricane Exercise

Vicksburg, Miss … The Vicksburg District recently conducted a hurricane preparedness exercise with a category 3 storm named Gabi impacting the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The District ran a series of planning exercises along with Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to communicate the role of each organization before, during and after a hurricane landfall. [Read More]
Published: Apr-24-14

Helmets Necessary When Utilizing All Terrain and Utility Vehicles at Mississippi Corps Lakes

Vicksburg, Miss…The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ is enforcing a safety requirement for all operators and passengers while riding certain vehicles at its Mississippi lakes at Arkabutla, Enid, Grenada, and Sardis. Operators and passengers must wear helmets at all times when operating or riding in recreational off-highway vehicles, all terrain vehicles, all terrain cycles, and other vehicles that travel on non-highway tires and designed specifically for off-road usage. All vehicles shall be operated in accordance with posted restrictions and regulations at each site. [Read More]
Published: Apr-18-14

Corps Solicits Volunteers to Operate Lower Mississippi River Museum

Vicksburg, Miss… The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg District is seeking volunteers to operate the Lower Mississippi River Museum and Interpretive Site (LMRM). The Corps is developing a list of interested volunteers to operate the museum after the current contract expires. Funding is available only through October 2014 to operate the museum with contract personnel. Civic clubs, groups, or individuals are welcome to volunteer. [Read More]
Published: Apr-15-14

Corps’ Engineer Searches for World War II Munitions While on Super Storm Sandy Deployment

Vicksburg, Miss... Corps’ Vicksburg District team member, Derek Kendrick, recently returned from a four-month deployment in support of Super Storm Sandy Beach Re-Nourishment project in Long Branch, New Jersey. He worked as a quality assurance inspector for the Long Branch Beach project by observing dredge pump-outs onto the Long Branch beach. Due to the dumping of Munitions of Explosive Concern (MEC) into the Atlantic Ocean after World War II, screening baskets were necessary to prevent any MEC from making their way onto the beaches of New Jersey. [Read More]
Published: Apr-08-14
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