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Posted 1/29/2015

Release no. 15-007

Alice Bufkin

Vicksburg, Miss… The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg District has selected Jennifer Mallard as Chief of the Operations Division’s Regulatory Branch.

Mallard will serve as chief of the Regulatory Branch and be responsible for planning, coordination, and execution of the Corps of Engineers’ regulatory program authority within the geographic boundaries of the Vicksburg District. She will assist in making final decisions on Federal authorizations for non-USACE projects impacting all waters of the United States throughout the District and oversee controversial and/or politically sensitive in nature project evaluations.

Mallard joined the Corps in 2001 as a park ranger at Lake Greeson in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. After deploying to Mississippi for Hurricane Katrina emergency operations in 2005, she accepted a position in the Regulatory Branch as an environmental specialist. She has served as a senior environmental specialist for the past ten years and most recently served as Chief of the Regulatory’s Permit Section.

A native of Caddo Gap, Arkansas, she is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in environmental soil and water science. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in park and recreation management at Henderson State University and a Master’s Degree in Sports Management. Mallard is a member of the Association of Wetland Managers, Professional Soil Scientists of Arkansas, and Society of Women Engineers. She is the daughter of the late James R. Fryar and Gracie G. Fryar of Caddo Gap, Arkansas. She is married to Matthew Mallard of Enterprise, Mississippi, and they have two sons and are members of First Baptist Church in Vicksburg.

The Vicksburg District Regulatory team continues to work daily to assure that the Nation’s aquatic resources are protected, while allowing reasonable development through fair, flexible, and balanced permit decisions. Every year, the Vicksburg District Regulatory team reviews thousands of requests for jurisdictional determinations and subsequent permit applications under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899.

For more information about the Regulatory Program, please visit the Vicksburg District Regulatory website.